The Battaglia hills

Between the hills of Montello and the rural area along the river Piave


Cester Camillo

Cester Camillo is a winery born from the passion for viticulture and the desire to resume an old family tradition that began three generations ago. The love of the land, passed from father to son, leads to research, care and attention at all stages of the production process in order to create a more and more excellent product to appreciate in all moments of convivial life.

The vineyards

Cester Camillo vineyard is located in Nervesa della Battaglia between the beautiful Montello hill and the bancks of the Sacred river La Piave that witnessed the terribly cruel battles during the First World War.

The Territory

The cultivation of vines is favoured by our mild climate and fertile soil that promote vigorous grouth of the plants and the ripening of golden and succulent grapes that , skillfully worked, give life to our selection of wines.

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