The Wines

Prosecco Brut Treviso

Prosecco controlled designation of origin

Pale straw coloured Prosecco with a very fine and persistent perlage.
Elegant and fresh aroma with a dry taste. Smooth on the palate, the wine hints of a rich, intriguing land and recalls the passion and history of a fascinating place. Predominating scent of apples with a consistent  and harmonious contour of fresh flowers (wisteria and acacia).

Prosecco Extra Dry Treviso

Prosecco controlled designation of origin

One by one the fine, silky bubbles of the wine tells of it’s origin, boasting the fruity aromas and characteristics of the region. Perfect as an aperitif and showing nuances of mango and green apples, it compliments cheese and salami’s or risotto’s as an entree. It’s versatility lends itself to the asian kitchen like sushi and sashimi.

Rosè Cuvée Extra Dry

With a youthful and lively colour. Rosè Cuvée is born from a wise and elegant combination of two grape varieties; Glera and Raboso of the region. Soft to the palate, it’s delicate perlage renders it perfect for any occasion. Excellent as an aperitif it matches perfectly with risotto’s, white meats and fish.

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